With over three decades of inspection and testing experience, Crompco’s name has become synonymous with quality and reliability. We conduct multiple types of facility inspections and assessments, including:

Our Commitment to Quality

Certified Technicians
Every Crompco Field Technician is always trained and certified to meet, or exceed, the specific requirements of their assigned service.

Dedicated Account Management
Crompco’s customers are assigned a dedicated Account Manager. An assigned Single Point of Contact will be available to answer questions, provide pricing, technical and regulatory guidance as well as assist you with referring other industry specialists that can help you keep your site compliant.

Quality Control
All test and inspection results are reviewed by a team of Quality Control Specialists that verify site equipment, data integrity and invoices.

Data Storage
All test results and digital images are uploaded electronically into The Crompco Vault, our web-based information management system. The Vault allows you to view results, invoices, and other vital data in real-time. It also ensures that you are in compliance with regulations that require the secure storage and immediate accessibility of testing and inspection documentation.

On-site Repairs
In addition to conducting inspections and testing, Crompco’s team of professional technicians have the ability to solve and troubleshoot potential issues while onsite. Correcting problems such as failing leak detectors or malfunctioning sensors during our initial visit will, in most cases, eliminate the need for costly return visits and additional site down-time.

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Automatic Tank Gauge Certication and Repair

Most states currently require UST system owners to perform periodic testing on Automatic Tank Gauges (ATGs) to verify that all tank probes and sensors are in proper working order. Our experienced field technicians will:

  • Inspect ATG systems
  • Certify that the ATG system components are performing at the standards required by your specific state or local jurisdiction
  • Test electronic leak detectors, leak detector sensors, and high level leak alarms upon request, ensuring accurate configuration and functionality

Cathodic Protection Testing

Cathodic Protection (CP) is a method of controlling the corrosion of buried steel components. Metal USTs, steel piping, and flex connectors that are in contact with the ground are susceptible to deterioration and corrosion, which can lead to catastrophic leaks and system failures.

With over 30 years of experience and expertise, our primary goal is to keep your site compliant with all local, state, and federal EPA requirements. Our CP services include:

  • Diagnostics on both Impressed Current and Sacrificial Systems
  • System Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Training

If you have an impressed CP system, an inspection is required every 30 or 60 days (depending on the state) to verify that rectifiers are turned on and emitting volts and amps to protect buried tanks. A written record must be kept available for inspection.

Containment Testing and Repair

One of the most critical, but often overlooked, areas for maintaining proper UST facility compliance is verifying the integrity of the containment systems. These UST containment components most often include: Under Dispenser Containment Sumps (UDC), Tank Sumps, and Overfill Containment Buckets (Spill Buckets).

These integral components of the UST system are the last line of defense against environmental contamination at a UST facility. Unfortunately, they are often the weakest structures due to environmental exposure, human neglect, and their under-regulated status in some jurisdictions.

Crompco offers a variety of containment tightness testing options, including both hydrostatic and vacuum testing. Additionally, Crompco’s experienced field technicians and account managers are knowledgeable, trained, and fully-equipped to perform the required repairs and replacement of these systems.

Tank, Line & Leak Detector Testing

As one of the nation’s largest tank and line testing companies, providing superior customer service, accurate testing, and overall regulatory compliance for our customers are our primary goals.

Crompco’s tank and line tightness testing methodologies include:

  • EZY-3 Locator Plus (non-volumetric underfill tank tightness test)
  • Petro-Tite (volumetric overfill test)
  • Precision Line Tightness tests using the Petro-Tite line test method. We are certified to test steel, fiberglass, and flexible piping systems.

Underground Tank Cleaning

Your clean tanks are an integral part of providing your customers with uncontaminated fuel, and essential in regard to maintaining your pumping system’s integrity. Crompco has become an industry leader in the practice of UST cleaning and our patent pending method for tank cleaning has been proven to remove more contaminates than all other methods.

With the advent of ethanol blended fuels, it is more important than ever to pre-condition your tanks prior to the introduction of ethanol products, and another reason to be increasingly proactive in regard to the maintenance of these tanks. Clean tanks will greatly reduce the odds of phase separation, which commonly occurs with the use of ethanol blended fuels.

Why clean your tanks?

  • Maintain the integrity of your fueling product
  • Reduce maintenance issues with your dispensers and tanks
  • Reduce potential phase separation issues
  • Prepare for the introduction of ethanol in your USTs
  • Ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty

The experience of cleaning thousands of USTs, state-of-the-art industry innovation, our attention to customer service and dedication to detail… are all reasons why Crompco is uniquely qualified to discuss your tank cleaning requirements

Vapor Recovery Testing

Vapor Recovery Testing is used to determine if all elements of the Stage II system are functioning properly and within local regulatory guidelines. A malfunctioning system could release unacceptable levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere, and create the potential for significant financial loss.

Whether you have a Balance, Vac-Assist, or Healy system – or any other type of system available on the market today – our field technicians have the knowledge and training to evaluate your Vapor Recovery System. Specific field tests include:

  • Stage II Pressure Decay
  • Stage I Pressure Decay (NESHAP Requirements)
  • Dynamic Pressure
  • Liquid Blockage
  • Pressure Vacuum Vent Valve
  • Flow Rate Determination and Liquid Removal

It should be noted that many states, counties, and metropolitan areas are now in the process of eliminating Stage II Vapor Recovery System requirements. If that is applicable to your facility, we have the experience and knowledge to help you understand your ongoing responsibilities, and to develop and execute any necessary decommissioning processes, timelines, and service programs.

Filter Replacement Programs

Poor dispenser filter maintenance can lead to gasoline slow flow, unnecessary fuel give-away, contaminated product…and unhappy customers. Let Crompco’s experienced Account Managers work with you in order to put together a filter maintenance program that meets with your specific requirements. Our staff of fully trained field technicians can include filter changes within Crompco’s standard annual compliance visit, or we can build stand-alone programs. Our leveraged buying power (with Cimtek and PetroClear) and crew coverage areas will enable you to quickly, affordably and professionally keep your site up to your high standards.

The most qualified Field Technicians in the industry, combined with experience, individualized service and a commitment to customer satisfaction, that’s the Crompco way…and the reasons why over 14,000 customers trust their compliance testing and special projects to Crompco!

Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR)

Federal and state laws require you to monitor your UST systems. To help you do so, we offer the Warren Rogers Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR) program: an EPA-approved method to meet the compliance requirements of leak detection. All current and historical SIR results are stored in the Vault and are available for customer review at any time.

Unlike manual tank gauging or inventory control, SIR software uses a sophisticated statistical analysis of data to detect releases. In this method, a trained professional uses SIR computer software to conduct the statistical analysis of data recorded and sent in by the UST facility’s operator. SIR helps the site operator comply with state and federal requirements without an extensive outlay of capital, using the equipment that most facilities already have on hand.

State, Local and Custom Inspections

Crompco has extensive experience in many types of inspections

  • State, Federal and Local: With dozens of certified state and local inspectors on staff, each of our Technicians are trained to meet the specific requirements of their assigned inspection service, promptly reporting and recording their finding in Crompco’s Vault data management system.
  • Custom Inspections: Crompco’s Vault data management system allows us to assist customers build, or import any existing digital form into our system. This allows data to be captured and presented in a manner consistent with any customer or regulatory agency requirement. Additionally, Crompco will work hand-in hand with our customers to develop, and perform many other types of inspections, including asset inspections and tagging, in-store inspections, and routine maintenance and site condition inspections.

Aerial Inspections and Site Mapping

Crompco understands that collecting and retaining accurate and timely information regarding site conditions and configurations can be challenging and costly. Crompco’s Aerial Inspection and Mapping service allows our customers to view many aspects of their sites from the comfort of their office, home or mobile device. Roof tops, Canopy conditions, tank field configuration and condition, parking lot configurations, station egress, the surrounding areas of a site, and in-store conditions are each areas of concern to most station/UST owners. Crompco assists our customers by collecting this information at an affordable price, while providing unmatched digital photography, video, storage and viewing capabilities.