Every fuel station runs a dual risk when dispensing their product: unnecessarily giving away fuel to customers, and “shorting” customers fuel-in essence risking fines, penalties, and loss of reputation. In both cases, the net result is significant profit loss.

Unfortunately, the traditional methods of testing and recalibration – most of which were developed over half a century ago – have many inherent limitations and failings that inhibit them from accurately testing and calibrating meters at today’s high-volume fuel sites. Accuracy is negatively impacted by factors such as vapor loss during proving, effects of temperature, imprecise meniscus readings, flow rates, leveling problems, and a lack of experience with today’s more complex dispenser equipment.

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Fortunately, there is an alternative. Crompco, the nation’s industry leader in underground tank, line, and vapor recovery testing, offers a meter calibration solution that can immediately reduce profit loss and fuel shrink from your meters: AccuMeasure.

The Impact of Inaccuracy

The negative impact of inaccurate testing and recalibration can be substantial. For example, calibrating meters with a traditional “prover can” typically results in a loss of 2 to 3 cubic inches of fuel (the equivalent of about 2 shot glasses) for every 5 gallons that is dispensed. Although this variance is within the Weights and Measures tolerances, the loss adds up quickly. Consider a station dispensing 125,000 gallons/month at a loss of 3 cubic inches per 5 gallons dispensed: this station is giving away 3,900 gallons of fuel per year. The retailer is not receiving the benefit of nearly 4,000 gallons of gasoline dispensed! When that loss is multiplied throughout a chain of stations, the profit loss can be hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars each year.

Zero in on Fuel Shrink

The AccuMeasure service utilizes a unique combination of exclusive technology, proven processes, advanced reporting software, and unparalleled expertise.

AccuMeasure is a closed loop mechanical prover. Instead of an open neck (traditional) system that is vulnerable to vaporization and human error, AccuMeasure is a completely closed system. During the meter proving process, air is purged from the system through a series of valves. The prover is precisely measured by a NIST traceable metrology lab to 1/100000 of a gallon, allowing incredible accuracy in testing, as well as re-calibration that approaches true zero.

Eliminating Fuel Shrink, Increasing Profit

By calibrating meters as closely as possible to true zero, you benefit from

Improved profits as site shrink from meters is eliminated, ensuring that you gain the full value of every gallon of gasoline you purchase.
Reduced compliance risk as meters are brought reliably within State Weights & Measures tolerances with the goal of calibrating the meter to “0.”
Increased time to spend managing your business rather than investigating inventory shortages.