Operates over 700 gas stations and convenience stores

Company Bio: Operates over 700 gas stations and convenience stores across the Southeast, Midwest, and Southwest regions of the United States

Challenge: A nationwide facility repair program was needed where the work could be documented and photographed electronically via the internet. With such a large program at stake, the company’s managers needed to be able to receive time-sensitive information and have it organized for them, yet didn’t require a new piece of software built.

Solution: Crompco provided both the field crews and technology solution through the Vault to fulfill a nationwide repair program in a timely and cost efficient manner. Client received e- mail trigger notifications each time a predetermined relevant event occurred. They could also easily track the project’s progress in real-time through the dashboard. By implementing the Vault for this program, the client was able to direct specific event triggers to the right people and get any issues resolved in the quickest method possible.