Operates over 300 gas stations

Company Bio: Operates over 300 gas stations, many of which include convenience stores, service bays, etc.

Challenge: The maintenance department was overwhelmed with service calls, classifying issues, and inefficient communication and issue tracking with vendors. It was nearly impossible to provide a consistent status report to management on existing projects.
Additionally, the environmental compliance group lacked an effective way to keep their records accessible and transparent throughout the organization.

Solution: The Vault’s ticketing solution allows for territory managers to document issues clearly for the maintenance department, who assigns and issue tracks with the appropriate vendor. Management has a variety of automated reporting tools at their fingertips to provide transparency needed for budgeting and planning purposes.

Results: The client now has more flexibility in scheduling out future jobs and also saves time in communicating pertinent information back and forth with vendors. Through its implementation of eDocuments, the company is better connected and not left scrambling when it comes to providing the right documentation for compliance and regulatory purposes.