International Shipping and logistics firm

Company Bio: International Shipping and logistics firm with over 75 facilities nationwide

Challenge: Environmental and Fuel groups needed a system to better track all their fuel island equipment, compliance documentation, and miscellaneous operational data. They also preferred to have a single source of information for as many processes as possible, rather than having their data scattered across many sources. They needed a true enterprise solution for their business.

Solution: The Vault utilized many modules including Asset Tracking, eDocuments, Inspections, Compliance Tracking, Results, and Map to make this client’s workflow run much more smoothly than in the past. The role permissions utilized in the system allowed the client to provide exactly the right level of access to the right people, including vendors and facility level employees.

Results: The client has improved its reporting and can transmit documentation and inspections much more effectively and cleanly than in the past. Inspection and testing results are archived and are searchable forever. Automatic triggers also help to avoid issues slipping through the cracks and facilitate a timelier response. They are also able to set up important date reminders with their documentation to ensure that their facilities remain compliant from every angle.