Facilities maintenance logistics company

Company Bio: Facilities maintenance logistics company that manages over 20,000 client locations

Challenge: Needed to provide updated drone imagery and perform inspections at over 3,000 locations; required a company with national scale in field services but also with world-class software to host the data in a user-friendly web application. It was also essential to capture photographs and video of inaccessible locations around their facilities, such as HVAC units, canopy roofs, and tall signage.

Solution: This unique project fit perfectly into the Vault’s wheelhouse. With a user-friendly interface, the Vault was already an ideal solution in place to host photos and videos from the drone. By organizing and uploading thousands of videos and hundreds of thousands of photos, the Vault team was able to provide accurate facility diagrams on a very large scale.

Results: The client, as well as approved third parties, can access site information on-demand to assist in making decisions impacting each facility. The tremendous level of details in the photographs allow curious users to zoom in to the exact level of detail they need to obtain without the cumbersome costs of travel and time to visit each location.