When an inspection or test indicates the need for a repair or replacement that cannot be completed on the spot by our field technicians, Crompco provides a turnkey solution through our Petroleum Construction Services. Crompco will promptly schedule and complete the required construction work, including:
  • Fill spill bucket replacement and repairs (see additional information below)
  • Vapor bucket replacement and repairs
  • Containment sump replacement and repairs
  • All tank top component replacements, including ATG manholes, interstitial manholes, and vapor riser manholes
  • Tank top concrete excavation and replacement
  • Curbing repairs
  • Island concrete repairs
  • Dispenser pan repairs
  • Driveway apron repairs/replacement
  • Island bollard replacements
  • Above ground Storage Tank Inspections

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Spill Bucket Inspection, Testing, and Replacement Services

  • Hydrostatic or vacuum Spill Bucket testing to identify faulty components
  • Pre-Spill Bucket replacement survey to identify:
    • Manufacturer and model of existing fill spill buckets (OPW, EBW, EMCO WEATON, Fairfield, and many others)
    • Location(s) of spill buckets
    • Size of existing fill spill buckets (5 or 15 gallon)
    • Center line to center line measurement from fill spill bucket to next riser(s)
    • Tank top to grade measurement at spill bucket fill riser
    • Water table in tank field measurement from tank bottom to grade
    • Digital photos of all existing and repaired spill buckets
    • Data archiving for all repairs and inspection services