Underground Tank Cleaning

Your clean tanks are an integral part of providing your customers with uncontaminated fuel, and essential in regard to maintaining your pumping system's integrity. Crompco has become an industry leader in the practice of UST cleaning and our patent pending method for tank cleaning has been proven to remove more contaminates than all other methods.

With the advent of ethanol blended fuels, it is more important than ever to pre-condition your tanks prior to the introduction of ethanol products, and another reason to be increasingly proactive in regard to the maintenance of these tanks. Clean tanks will greatly reduce the odds of phase separation, which commonly occurs with the use of ethanol blended fuels.

Crompco’s cleaning method uses a unique two step process:

  • The fuel is agitated in the tank, then removed and passed through a series of filters that are designed to remove all of the debris and sludge that may have accumulated in the tank. This process literally catches all particulates as small as 5 microns (a human hair is 70 microns thick!).
  • Before filtering the fuel back into the tank, the fuel passes through the C3 (Crompco Coalescer Cycle) which then removes all water particulates remaining in the fuel. The C3 process is designed to reduce the amount of mixed water from 5,000 parts per million (ppm) to 5 ppm in a single pass. This two step process has been proven to eliminate sludge from the bottom of your tanks, eliminate potential phase separation issues, improve dispenser flow rates, and ensure that your customers are receiving clean burning fuel.

Why clean your tanks?

  • Maintain the integrity of your fueling product
  • Reduce maintenance issues with your dispensers and tanks
  • Reduce potential phase separation issues
  • Prepare for the introduction of ethanol in your USTs
  • Ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty

The experience of cleaning thousands of USTs, state-of-the-art industry innovation, our attention to customer service and dedication to detail... are all reasons why Crompco is uniquely qualified to discuss your tank cleaning requirements.

Crompco is ready to meet your needs.